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"Omnia mutantur nihil interit"
 Everything Changes, But nothing is truly lost

Pace by pace I walk through my life. Thinking of the past; of history- My history. This journey, 19 years has brought me so far. So far that I now have two golden rings, that were bought for uno personne- moi, l'mour. For an occasion that not even an Alzheimer could erase. A love, that is in hope of an eternity.

The one person that could make me danse every morning, the very moment I open my eyes. Yes, a couple of months ago I made a life changing choice. Oui, it was very challenging. They gave me about 7 months to sort everything out. To think of what might happen after le choixe is been made. I've gone through a gazillion arguments, uncountable probleme' and all sorts of stuff that could easily break me and lead me through another life now. 

I've had my chance to make Pro's and Con's. I've had a few close people to help me make this embêtement much easier. To help me with choosing the 'right' path. Notice the (' ') there right beside the word right? Yeah, no one knows if I had made the right decision. No one knows whether I had bedazzled my life with an l'éternité of misery, or joy. There is One that knows, One that concludes, and That One is The One that helped me more than others through all this. He is The Only One that knows where this choice will take me.

Weeks passed. Months. And came a time where there were only a few weeks left before I could decide. Though we breath the same oxygen, 19 years is a lot of experience. I met many people, dated a few, got to actually know some, and made a couple of people I could trust. Some experience changed me, some for the better and some rather not to be spoken again. I learnt a lot of stuffs to make me be more confident in choosing. 

You know how we were kids and we would make a list of "The Dream Guy"? Yeah, I bet all of you must've made the list at least once, even in your minds you mentally made one. Gonna say no? ha. I bet there must be this one time, a guy went to you, asked for your hand in a getting-to-know-each-other scam or what most call 'couple-ing', there must be some people that you will say, "err, no" whilst in your heart you know you can't even look at that personne. ah, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, oui? Yeah. I made that list once. And, believe me, what I have now is the exact opposite to what I ever dreamt of. Frankly though, he makes me happier than any guy that could ever complete my list of wanting's. 

This uno personne that makes me smile every morning. Makes my heart skip a beat with every breath he takes. Noticing every bit of him, realizing that every part of him is so perfect- at least humanely perfect for moi, makes me so so so (hah, triple so's) droopy. 

Making THE CHOICE, was hard (duh? a gazillion paragraphs up there proving so). But, I know I had to say what I said. I just had to. Why? I'm young, I'm free why should I make the choice? Why not say no and go on with the life I once said?

Here's my reason:

Allah S.W.T.

Why am I saying that? Cause he is the uno personne that can turn me from witch to who I am now. 

I might not notice it, but in years to come, I will know I made the right choice. I am rooting I made the right choice.

54 years of marriage and my gramps still sleep holding hands. That, will be us one day.

I will love him, and I will love him till the very end.

On the morning of July 29th 2011, I pronounced the words, "I do".


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