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Friday, October 7, 2011 0 comments

So here I am listening to l'amour de mes jours playing Flight Simulator beside me. Ah, never thought I would actually start writing again. Class hasn't started yet and things (here in Egypt) is as usual - duhhh, it's getting pretty boring that thing keep repeating itself - tense. How tense. I'm not even going to get into this.

Though this makes me think of how close the Armageddon is. (Since it is Friday) No, I am not eager, just stating a fact of what seems to be. I think.

Just to think about it, the Malaikat's might already be on their way setting everything and all sorts right under our nose. Who knows kan? They might also be arguing with each other about releasing it to early because some people are just, "not ready" to tutup aurat or to have so maruah so to say. They might give us a chance to catch up a little eh? WAIT. What the. Why am I even saying "they". I meant God. Him. not the Malaikats. hah. God might give us a chance to catch up with His pace. Thats why he is giving all these signs about the world ending. Well, OBVIOUSLY the sun hasn't rose from the west yet, but, none of you know if this will be the last week on earth and the sun might rise from the other side tomorrow morning ey? HAH. Then all of you will go OMG OMG OMG OMG, and realize why you haven't repented earlier. Just like final exams alllll over again. (note that I wrote multiple L's to amplify the word, not that i do not know how to spell)

And right now most people do realize that the world is coming to an end. Might be this Friday, might be the next, might be in 50 years, or 70 years and etc. But, in my surrounding- and this is experience talking- people are looking for freedom. I know I know, its a free world, everyone has free will yada yada yada. But, you have to live under some rules to be least. ye know? AND DON'T EVER SAY RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN. I think whoever made that statement meant rulers, those things you ukur stuff with. yeah that, i would love to break. But rules are there for a reason, lets saaaayyy, the easiest and most wanted thing here- ability to go out on own without aid from others during night time. Yes, I heard there's a hadis on women not being able to go out during nights and stuff. But who am I to say anything kan, I am no ustazah. But, to my point of view, kalau sekadar nak keluar untuk bersuka ria tu tak perlu kot. I know I know I used to be one of those 'jom jom bersuka ria' people. But to think about it, after research and some reading, I could conclude some stuff about this.

One, if people allowed going out during nights with unreliable/non-mahram guys that would be swaaag kan? konon lah, being a hipster and "i dont give a damn about being caught with 10 men around me" type of person, which I am not. Well, if they allowed that, you know, being human and everything, you would obviously want more. and more. As a friend of mine once posted a status, "nafsu sentiasa lebih daripada ilmu" (though i still think this is incorrect), lepas dapat betis mesti nak peha, then nak kepak, then nak seekor terus kan. It's human nature, i get it. I'm human. I think I understand human. Ok, so back to my point, once you get the ability to go out during nights, you would want to be able to have dinner and dates with non-mahrams without people saying that is so wrong (in which I quite agree with, because it, referring to the non-mahram dates-a-thon, is rather unacceptable. So, what can I call it, whore-ish? But that sounds just too disrespectful. You know, having dinner with people you claim to be 'friends' and eating out with them is 'normal' because you live in 2011 and everyone is doing it. Like, puh-leaseeeee, if everyone was climbing off a cliff you wouldn't have done it would you now? well of course not, but a lot of people are doing the diet to look like scarlett johannson but you're not doing that are you now? Nafsu. thats the thing) Well, if the capability to go out freely during nights unattended is obliged, you might as well just do it now and tell papa that you're enceinte/preggers with enfant illegitime- if you know what I mean.

But, that's just me jumping to conclusions. Of course you would say, "Hei I'm not like other people, I can stand my nafsu, I can hold my breath". Yeah, I bet everybody says that, and ends up like Kourtney Kardashian. Just saying though.

But, again. Who am I to judge. Je suis juste un ami. oui? But, A thought is a thought, and just sort of brought it up.


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